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In search of “the local”

MJ Byrne's Irish Pub

The one thing that makes Irish people miss the Emerald Isle a little less is having a local pub. The “local” is more than a place you go to on a regular basis, it’s where the Irish like to unwind, chat with other locals, befriend the staff and have a creamy pint (or ten).
So when MJ was invited to be part of the Irish pub being built in the heart of the Blue Mountain Village, the first thought was….”at last, we have a local!”

Almost 20 years on, MJ Byrne’s Irish Pub is indubitably as close to a genuine Irish pub experience that you are going to get without making the trek across the Atlantic.

 Our goal is to share the uniquely Irish experience of having a local with all our patrons providing the best of both worlds: Ireland and everywhere else!

MJ Byrne

Chief Bottle Washer

Hailing from the metropolis of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow which is also known as the ‘Garden of Ireland’ and having worked in the bar industry in Ireland as a young fella, MJ travelled the globe for roughly 10 years before deciding to settle in Canada in 2000.

Having been invited to invest in the Blue Mountain Village Irish Pub in 2002, MJ took over the business in 2004, immediately dispensing with the notion that this was just another ‘Plastic Paddy’ pseudo Irish pub.

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